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We at Shandi Infotech, take pride in offering our expertise, knowledge and an extension of ourselves, to pursuing your goals. Our services are par excellence, delivering quick and profitable results. We take pride in…

Domain Name Registration:-

Keeping in mind your business needs and goals, we register the most apt domain name for you. We also empower you with a separate Domain Management Control Panel , so you can manage the domain yourself, efficiently.


Web Hosting:-A Reliable Place to Host Your Website!

We have got web hosting plans to suit almost all kind of websites. For static websites we have Linux server and for dynamic websites, be it in ColdFusion or ASP, we have Windows 2008 server. Check out the features and pricing below.We provide the highest quality & best value hosting to ensure complete satisfaction.

Web Designing:-

We pride ourselves in our work, we strive to offer our clients the finest quality at the most reasonable price. Our business is a service, a way of doing extraordinary work for extraordinary clients. We endeavor to provide our clients with creative solutions that work from the beginning.The quality combined with the price make these deals unbeatable. Shandi Infotech Dotcom has the perfect web design solution for you!


Shandi Infotech team has customized and successfully deployed several osCommerce applications and in the process, has understood the underlying architecture osCommerce engine to further customize it to the client specific needs. We offer fully featured, fast and reliable web hosting with osCommerce available to install with one click. This is backed up by full support, over 99.9% uptime and excellent technical support !

Search Engine Optimization :-

Shandi Infotech that offers a number of effective Internet marketing services to generate your sales, attract more customers and promote your services/products on the Internet.

Corporate Indentity:-

We appreciate that your unique corporate identity helps you form a vital link with your customers. We offer corporate identity services with a keen eye for aesthetics and focus on content and clarity so as to imaginatively capture the very essence and image of your business.

Software Training:-

Shandi Infotech Training Program provide an opportunities for recent college graduates to spend few weeks engaged in preparing them self to face the challenges of technology world, an important aspect which they miss out in there course curriculum. This is where we have found a gap in freshers potential and market requirement.

Software Development:-

Keeping abreast of the latest industry technologies and requirements, we provide you software products, which can assist you towards instantaneous success. When you reach out to us, we enrich your business with our commitment to quality, values and unparalleled customer service!

Our Products

Matrimonial Website Development
This is the best solution if you are looking to run a matrimonial services website. We have integrated many features which you can use and take full advantage of the matrimonial services.This is a very powerful online matrimony management package system that we've developed exclusively and user friendly. User will be able to search, update, add/remove, and edit their profiles from database. In addition, user can also add/delete/change descriptions, upload images/photos.

Simply we offer the best opportunity to harvest a return on your investment


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